How to Clean Stains on Leather and Fabrics

Tips and tricks for removing stains at home, on your own

Cleaning carpet stains

When it comes to carpet stains, if you are able to catch the stain immediately or shortly after it has been done, you stand a better chance of removing it completely on your own. Otherwise, you risk getting a stubborn stain, that might only be possible to remove using professional carpet cleaning services.

What are the rules for cleaning carpet stains?

  1. carpet1Don’t start rubbing the stain immediately after spotted. First, soak up all possible spillage so it doesn’t get further into the fibres. Your perfect and easiest option would be kitchen paper, since it is very absorbent. Fold a good quantity of the paper above the spillage and press gently above the spot. Do not press too much to avoid enlargement of the stain spot. Replace the kitchen paper and repeat the process until you have soaked up as much from the spillage as possible.
  2. Do not rush to treat the stain with soap right away. First try taking it out with warm water only, rinsing with cloth. Soap and other detergents get deep into the carpet and are difficult to remove afterwards.
  3. Always treat the stain from the outside to the inside, to avoid the risk of spreading the mark on a larger surface.
  4. Change frequently the water where you rinse the cloth.
  5. In the warm water put a few drops of ammonia – those might help the stain get out faster.Carpet cleaning cleaning carpet stains
  6. Soak up the excess water with kitchen paper, as soon as you can. Some carpets, e.g wool ones soak up a lot of water and may catch mould or become damaged when wet.
  7. If washing the carpet stain using the steps above does not help – add some liquid detergent for wool fabrics to the warm water. Make sure to rinse out the detergent well – any traces of the detergent will attract grime and dirt in the future.
  8. If the above does not help – you might need to resort to stronger stain removing detergents. Have in mind, though, that you take the risk to damage your carpet – so, it might be wiser to simply have the stains cleaned by a professional steam carpet cleaning company.When possible, ask for stain repellent to be applied after having your carpet cleaned. The repellent will help in areas where spillage and stains occur way too often.

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