How to Clean Stains on Leather and Fabrics

Tips and tricks for removing stains at home, on your own

How to clean blood stains

Cleaning blood stains is not easy. But, you can still use some tips and tricks to get rid of blood stains.

Cleaning fresh blood stains

If the stain is fresh, it shouldn’t be difficult to get rid of the blood stain. Just soak the fabric in cold water with some salt added to it and leave it in the water until it gets out.

Cleaning old blood stains

If the blood stain is old though, it will need to stay soaked into the salty water for a longer period and this is not recommended for woolen fabrics.

  • To avoid long soaking, mix one part of glycerine with two parts of lukewarm water. Put the stained fabrics into this water.
  • Another option would be to mix bio washing powder and water and soak the fabric in it.
  • If the stained fabric has a no-wash sign on it, you can apply over the stain cold salty water with some ammonia added to it.
  • If you are looking to clean blood stains on a carpet – first wet the stain, then sprinkle some salt over the stain. The salt will usually take up the blood. Gently rub with cold salty water.
  • Another alternative is to rub the stain with cornflour and water, very gently so the fabric does not get damaged. Wait for the cornflour to get dried, remove it and if needed, repeat.

If the blood stain is stubborn, shows up on a light-coloured, well visible and / or delicate fabric, it is safer to hand it over to a professional domestic cleaning company (for carpets, upholstery, sofas and mattresses) or to a dry cleaner (for garments).

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