How to Clean Stains on Leather and Fabrics

Tips and tricks for removing stains at home, on your own

Cleaning leather stains

Leather adds a special feel of luxury to your home. Plus, it is fairly easy to maintain, especially in an environment that gets easily stained – house with small kids, offices, beauty saloons or other.

Still, even though it is difficult to get stained, leather still needs thorough cleaning, especially if light-coloured.

How to clean leather furniture yourself?

Here are a few simple methods that won’t damage the leather material and use only simple household cleaning agents.

Cleaning leather Remove stains on leatherStep 1: Vacuum

Remove all dirt and dust from the leather item by thoroughly vacuuming it first. If your vacuum cleaner has a brush ending – use that one for ease. Remove the cushions and vacuum below them as well. In the end, wipe out the entire leather surface using microfiber cloth or cotton cloth.

Step 2: Inspect the leather piece to figure out what needs cleaning

After you have vacuumed and wiped the leather, you may now see what areas need stain treatment.

Step 3: Treat the stained areas you identified

If you want to clean the leather overall, but there are no serious stains – a simple and very efficient solution you can prepare to clean your leather is made of one part of white vinegar and one part of warm water. Mix well and soak a piece of white cotton cloth into this mixture. Wring the cloth out of any excess water and start gently rubbing the stained areas of the leather. Do not press to harsh to avoid damaging the leather. Rinse the cloth well every now and then to avoid spreading out the dirt. Make sure to avoid saturation of the leather as there is a real risk of destroying it.

Step 4: Dry out

Clean the treated area of the leather with a clean cotton cloth. Ventilate the premise well.

If, in step 3, you identified some serious stains of different nature, here is how you may clean them pretty efficiently:

Leather cleaning How to clean leather

Cleaning grease stains on leather

If the stains are fresh – try cleaning them out with dry cotton cloth. Do not add water. If the stains are already dry – put some baking soda on those and let it stay for a few hours. Baking soda successfully lifts off more stains than you might suppose.

Cleaning ink stains on leather

A simple yet very efficient solution for removing ink from leather is by applying alcohol. Put some alcohol on a few cotton pads and rinse the stain gently, until the ink starts getting onto the pad. Change the pads so you don’t transfer the removed ink back onto the leather.

Cleaning stains on white leather

White leather furniture, however beautiful and luxury, gets stained pretty quickly. To clean it up, mix one part lemon juice and one part cream of tartar. Put a small part of the mixture onto the stain for 15 minutes and then wipe out using a wet cloth.

The above are a number of very simple solutions but – they do help in most leather cleaning scenarios. Make sure to always test the cleaning method on a small and invisible piece of furniture before treating a bigger portion of it. And, if unsure, better resort to the services of a professional domestic cleaning company, who has the needed expertise for treatment of various kinds of spots, on various materials.


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