How to Clean Stains on Leather and Fabrics

Tips and tricks for removing stains at home, on your own

Curtain Cleaning

We all love our home when we first put our new curtains. They are such a stylish addition to our rooms and bring together the whole design line in the home interior.

It is all great until a few years pass and they collect dust and dirt just like the rest of the texitles at home – upholstery, carpets.

Have you every wondered why curtains get dirty?

It is very simple. Curtains are the barrier beween the outer world and the inside.

When we have our windows opened, curtains are the first filter to the inside of the room. They collect dust, moisture and all the dirt coming form the outside.

So you face a question: How to do curtains cleaning in the most effective and easy way?

To wash or replace them?

Lots of people prefer to change their home decors often. So when their curtains get dirty, they just buy new ones and the problem is solved. Is it necessary though when cleaning your curtains is not as hard as it looks?

DIY Curtain Cleaning Tips

  • Always start at the top. In this way the dust falls down on the parts that are not cleaned yet.
  • Make sure you stress on the parts where the folds are. Those are the spots that contain most dust.
  • Always vacuum first. This takes almost all dust off and then you will just have to do a light finishing cleaning.
  • Vacuum both sides. Curtains get dirty and dusty from both sides. Don’t neglect the back side.
  • Do steam cleaning. Although vacuum cleaners are good enough, there are dust and debirs that they cannot collect. Even vacuum cleaners themselves leave some dust. Steam cleaning is always a great method for both cleaning and disinfection.

A tip for keeping our curtains clean for longer – be ahead of the dirt and dust. Preventive actions are always good and save a lot of work. Every week do a light wash or vacuum your cutains. This will save you much time and curtain cleaning work later.

When you use a steam cleaner, don’t forget to check up manufacturer instructions on the label.

Also check the labels on your curtains material. It may be that the textile is washable. So the best and easiest way to clean them will be to wash then according to the label instructions.

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