How to Clean Stains on Leather and Fabrics

Tips and tricks for removing stains at home, on your own

Cleaning sofa stains

Sofas are a special kind of furniture – holding our memories, cherishing our comfort… Hence, it requires special care and attention. But, we usually bring dust and dirt on it from our clothes, we spill drinks and food. If we have children in the house, couches and sofas will need sofa cleaning much sooner than we suppose. If the spots are not heavy enough, we can postpone the professional steam sofa cleaning and go for DIY sofa cleaning methods:

How to keep our sofa fresh and clean?

Here are some quick tips for effective sofa cleaning at home:

Step # 1: Vacuum regularly.

Vacuum on a weekly basis using the vacuum cleaner attachment for upholstery. Don’t miss the corners and invisible spots.

Sofa cleaning How to clean sofa stains

Step # 2: Before cleaning – read the sofa fabric label.

Before you do any further steps in your sofa cleaning, make sure you are familiar with the instructions on the label.  Here are some common ones:

S – Only dry cleaning allowed.

W – Water based detergent allowed.

O – Organic material. It means you have to use only cold water for cleaning.

X – Vacuum or professional service only.

Step # 3: Take off all cushions and movable parts

All parts that can be separated from the sofa should be cleaned individually. Vacuum first and then use some of the ways of cleaning the fabric allows.

Step # 4: Do the heavy stains with special attention.

Treat the areas of heavy dust with a bristle brush. Break the dirt using the brush and then vacuum it. Gently rub the spot afterwards.

Step # 5Treat the wooden parts separately.

Make sure you don’t miss the wooden parts of your sofa. Use an agent for cleaning wood and polish them carefully. They will shine like new again.

Step # 6: To get rid of any bad odour from your sofa sprinkle it all over with backing soda.

Let the baking soda stay for an hour and vacuum again. Baking soda is one of the best natural odour removers and it also helps to break up the stains in the fabric.

If these cleaning methods do not help – request the services of a professional steam sofa cleaning agency.


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